Welcome to Sunera Foundation

Friends of Sunera Foundation

Friends of Sunera Foundation is a UK based charitable trust (number 1118536) which aims to:

Sunera has a range of opportunities for organisations and corporations to sponsor our activities and programmes. This is a way organisations can demonstrate their commitment to promoting social inclusion and development of differently abled Sri Lankans. Opportunities include sponsoring:

* Raise awareness in the UK of the impressive and unique work of Sunera Foundation (SF), Sri Lanka.
* Raise funds to support both the core work of Sunera, and specific projects for which the Foundation seeks our help.
* As we become more established, to help people to travel from UK to Sri Lanka to offer their talents and energies to the growth and betterment of Sunera.

Hon. President Sunethra Bandaranaike
Patrons Lady Ayckbourn
Victoria Brignell
Jonathan Steele
Trustees Sue Griffin JP (Chair)
Rosalind Griffin (Treasurer)
Susan Hoyle (Secretary)
Liz Philipson
Alison Skilbeck
Larry The Bird

In 2013-14, FSF was able to fund the development of the speech and language therapy pilot project, several workshops, and SF’s provincial newsletters.

Much of FSF’s income comes from private individuals who commit to give us a certain amount each month or year, or who make one-off donations, often at Christmas or New Year. Under the Gift Aid scheme, the UK government gives FSF a further 25% of these donations from the tax that the donors paid. We have also had very generous donations from several trusts. They sometimes wish to remain anonymous, but we can mention the Limbourne Trust as one which has been very generous. Our supporters also aid FSF by holding fundraising events. FSF itself has no premises or staff, and thus very little scope for organizing fundraising events on its own, but we have helped others to run them—for example, Rashantha Devanesan held a sale of her lovely jewellery in London in both 2013 and 2014, providing very significant sums which were of great use for SF’s work.

Between them actors, and husband and wife, Tim Hardy and Alison Skilbeck (who is also a Trustee of FSF) have over the years raised thousands of pounds for FSF from special performances. FSF’s Treasurer, Rosalind Griffin, got married in 2014 and asked her friends to donate to FSF rather than give her presents. Every year, at least one Quaker group sends us money raised through an appeal at one of their meetings.

Every penny counts, and it all adds up—last year it added up to the equivalent of over 3,200,000 LKR. FSF is very pleased and proud to have been able to raise these funds for SF’s invaluable work with some of the most disadvantaged children and young people in Sri Lanka.

Friends of Sunera wound up operations in 2017. Our heartfelt thanks to all the Trustees who worked tirelessly to give us immense support through 10 years of friendship.