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Samanalayaya – 2018


Once a year, each workshop presents a short performance, scripted and directed by the workshop trainers. This gives all the participants an opportunity to shine This collection of theatrical pieces titled “Samanalayaya”,is performed in many parts of the country, and attended by the general public.
This serves two purposes:

1. Develop the creative talents of the workshop participants whose self confidence is strengthened by performing for the public.
2. Raise public awareness of the talents and abilities of these young people.
These performances are a colourful celebration of our differences and common humanity.

Samanalayaya Drama Festival 2018

The much awaited Samanalayaya Drama Festival 2018 was held during the months of January, February and March 2018 bringing together over 1000 Sunera participants through 29 workshops in 10 districts from all ethnic communities in Sri Lanka to the stage in a burst of talent, energy and colour! The nine regional performances; bringing together performances and dance items of a few workshops from each region, had large and appreciative audiences who cheered the participants on as they showcased their talents and abilities in an unexpected way to their communities. It was indeed a day to remember for each of the participants as they got on stage and enjoyed themselves performing their roles through mime, dancing, acting and singing.

Our gratitude and thanks to the Australian High Commission Colombo for the sponsorship of the Samanalayaya Regional Drama Festival 2018.

The nine regional performances were evaluated by a panel of judges and the best four plays were selected for the Grand Finale in Colombo. This year the best dramas came from the Kurunegala, Katugasthota, Galle and Palugaswewa workshops. The finale was held on the 16th of May 2018 at the Lionel Wendt Memorial Theatre in Colombo.

The two lively dance items presented by the Dehiwala and Maharagama participants and the hearing impaired participants of the Kurunegala workshop had the audience amazed! Another significant moment of the evening was when a visually impaired participant from the Negombo workshop sang a solo with confidence and musicality. We are grateful for the sponsorship support given to us by SAGT (South Asia Gateway Terminals, Port of Colombo) for the finale of the Samanalayaya Drama Festival 2018.

Comments from the Audience

"We enjoyed it greatly. Inspiring to see the young people and their commitment, and the obvious enjoyment they got from their performances. Very pleased the Australian High Commission was able to support such a worthy cause."

-Bryce & Elizabeth Hutchesson – Australian High Commissioner Sri Lanka

"I enjoyed very much both the performances (their message, their quality, their spirit) and the pride and delight of the performers. Again: Congratulations!"

-Petra Raymond – Director Goethe Institut

"The kids and cast did their best and were delightful. Those invited for the first time were in awe. Trainers have done a great job."

Azira Esufally – Trustee, Sunera Foundation

"I enjoyed very much both the performances (their message, their quality, their spirit) and the pride and delight of the performers. Again: Congratulations!"

-Petra Raymond – Director Goethe Institut

"It goes to show the talent that we have and the service done to bring out the talent."

Manil Jayesinghe – Partner, Ernst and Young / Trustee Sunera Foundation

"Very proud. There was some amazing talent on show. Take a bow!"

Mario Gomez – Executive Director , International Centre for Ethnic Studies / Trustee Sunera Foundation

"It is wonderful that the Foundation creates such a platform for them to display their talents. My parents and I enjoyed the evening very much."

George Cooke – Deputy Director, Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies

"It was wonderful and heart touching."

Rajashri Behera – Director, Indian Cultural Centre, Colombo

"It was a great show last night. Simply overwhelmed by the remarkable performances and the great deal of effort that have gone into developing them to such extraordinary levels. Kudos.."

Dhananjani Silva

"Having pondered on the show last evening; just want to add the thought that in addition to all the performance aspects of such value, was the excellence in costume (design and execution) and superlative lighting (effects and timing)."

Arun Dias Bandaranaike

"Thank you for a beautiful and thought provoking evening. Tears not far away.."

Vilma Ranasinghe

"It is a very powerful portrayal of human possibilities."

Dr. Harindra Vidanage – Director, Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies

"It was Super!."

Shanaka de Livera – Attorney at Law

"We enjoyed it and were amazed at their abilities. Congratulations to the trainers on the excellent results."

Asoka and Ranjanee Gopallawa