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Training of Trainers

Training with Michael Jenn

Accomplished English actor and director, Michael Jen who is also a good friend of Sunera visited our workshops in Jaffna and Mannar in October 2019 and shared his skill and expertise with our trainers. Michael has visited some of our workshops before but this was his first time to our workshops in the north and east. The exercises and routines he taught our trainers were very helpful to them and is new knowledge which will enhance the workshop. Our sincere thanks to Michael for his valuable time and support towards our work.

Training our Trainers

Our Senior trainers Nishantha Jayasekara and Dhananjani … shared their skills with their fellow trainers in our Batticaloa workshop during September 2019. It was a time of learning, sharing and building ties between our trainers which went longer than the imparting of skills.

Training and Reviewing

Our second training and reviewing session was held in October 2019. Our Executive Director Chandrika Subasinghe met with our trainers and discussed the progress of our workshops which was extremely satisfactory. This was followed by some fun and camaraderie.

Our review meeting was held on the 13th of June 2019. The Chairperson, Trustees and Management took this time to discuss with the trainers of the progress of the workshops after the Easter Sunday tragedy. The Chairperson encouraged the Trainers to stay strong and continue the great work they are doing in uplifting the lives of the disabled community in our country. The meeting ended with some food and fellowship!

Sunera is an institute that gives our children to an opportunity to shine. The workshop activities done at the Sunera workshop is not offered anywhere else for our children. Sunera has become very popular in our town. The service they provide our children we cannot get even for money. For those who cannot afford to help their children, the free service offered by Sunera is of great value. The trainers are dedicated to help our children and we are grateful.
(Kumari Hettiarachchi – Mother )

Our regular progress review meeting was held in March 2018 bringing together the chairperson, two of our trustees, the executive management and all our trainers for a discussion to review the progress of our work. In addition to this our senior trainers from the west and south conducted training of trainers workshops in the north and east during the month of June this year.

Trainers in our Batticaloa, Mullaitivu, Jaffna and Mannar workshops were trained by eight of our senior trainers through two day performances in each location. They were trained with new disability arts techniques to be used in the regular workshops and drama techniques to be used in their upcoming performances in August 2018. The workshops are currently rehearsing for their performances which will take the stage in Jaffna on the 01st of August 2018, in Mannar on the 02nd of August 2018 and Mullaitivu on the 03rd of August 2018. The workshops not only gave the trainers knowledge but was a great team building and cultural experience for all.

Training and workshops

Regular training programmes are conducted for the trainers of the Sunera workshops, in order to upgrade the quality of their work, by making available to them the latest methods of using the performing arts to engage the disabled.

Inner Dance, Inner Song & Inner Voice - Anne Chiang – 2011 & 2012

Inner Dance, Inner Song & Inner Voice - Anne Chiang – 2011 & 2012

Scriptwriting and Stagecraft – Delon Weerasinghe - 2009

Training programme for the first group of trainers - 2001

Forum Theatre Workshop - 2008

Workshop on make-up – Jayalal Rohana - 2011

Training programme for Trainers in the Plantations - 2009

Performing Arts – Pearl Chanda and Tanmay Dhanania – 2012